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Our Mission

We’re committed to pioneering the way Environmental Social Governance (ESG) performance is measured. We believe that ‘sustainability’ shouldn’t be a subjective concept, but a concrete metric to which businesses can be held accountable. By formulating a reliable set of parameters, we are working towards standardising ESG across the board to help businesses work towards comprehensive sustainability.

Why ESG Barometer?

Currently, there is no standardised measurement tool or benchmark for businesses to assess their ESG performance. As it stands, ESG compliance is measured based on a business self-reporting which is not subject to any regulation or standardisation. We’re here to change that.

We are pioneering an objective way to measure ESG. By surveying a cross-section of a business’s key stakeholders using reliable methodology, we are able to score its performance based on a comprehensive picture of its activities in the three areas of ESG.

Who We Are

360 ESG Limited is a subsidiary of 360 Law Group

360 Law Group is driven by innovation and reshaping the legal sector. We offer expert legal services tailored to businesses, startups, scale-ups and enterprise, as well as specialised services such as trademarking. 360 ESG is our latest venture, embodying our commitment to a future-proof business model that centers sustainability.