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A New Standard for ESG

Measure your organisation's commitment to sustainability

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ESG is the Future of Business

Here at 360 ESG Ltd, we’re passionate about sustainability. We believe ESG will be the driving force behind a long-term impact-minded transformation of business, creating a sustainable future that benefits all stakeholders.

‘Sustainability’ is all too often an ambiguous or subjective term. We want to anchor ‘sustainability’ in concrete terms that can be tangibly realised through the implementation of ESG. Our ESG Barometer scores your business’ current ESG performance relative to other similar businesses, helping you understand where you are now and where you’ve got to go.


What is ESG Barometer?

ESG Barometer

A definitive ESG performance score for your business

Our ESG barometer is a pioneering tool that objectively scores your business’s ESG performance by surveying your most important stakeholders: employees, suppliers, customers and the general public. You’ll gain key insights into your actual and perceived compliance to ESG, helping you to shape your long-term strategy and implementation of ESG compliant practices.

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How it works

If you want to score your business, all you need to do is purchase our surveys and we’ll do the rest. We’ll correspond with major stakeholders in your business to get a comprehensive picture of your ESG related performance, delivering you key insights and an objective ESG score.


Pricing is generated based on quantity of surveys purchased as follows


  • First 20 surveys free on first registration
Register Now - Get 20 Free Surveys


  • Already registered
  • & up to 20 Surveys


  • No. of surveys
  • 50


  • No. of surveys
  • 200


  • No. of surveys
  • 1,000


  • No. of surveys
  • 5,000


  • Beyond 5,000
  • £250 per 500 surveys
  • If you wish to purchase more than 5,000 surveys, then please contact us to discuss a tailored quotation here
  • Once you have completed your details on our registration page, a precise quote will be generated by our application, before you can proceed to purchase.
  • You can add additional surveys at a later date to your existing ESG Barometer project, and you will only be charged the difference. For example, if you purchased 20 surveys and wish to add another 180 surveys (i.e. 200 surveys in total), then you will only be charged £200.
  • Purchased surveys must be utilised within 2 months of purchase.
  • Prices quoted exclude VAT which will be charged at 20% at checkout.

How will ESG Barometer drive growth for your business?


Access sustainable finance opportunities with evidence of your ESG compliance


Key insights into your business performance that will shape your executive management strategy


An objective score that adds credibility to your ESG self-reporting